22a Soft touch required in case of insane flight path of the pilot (6.4) FLIGHT ROUTE: A word for soft or not heavy and a touch or blow should be surrounded by the first and last letters of stupid. Across 1a The case of a lady for an agreement (7) COMPACT: a double definition. The lady`s case probably contains powder for the face. SW also held me back. 24a that we had recently, but my COTD goes to 22a. Nice and a lot of fun. Thanks to the setter and 2 Ks. I just had a very stressful time trying to send a photo ID to lawyers. First, you take the picture (in this case of David), then you get a number and write it down and take a second picture of the face with the number next to it. You should not cover the face with the number, but everything should fit in a tiny oval bezel.

10 takes later……! Ready to scream. Finished this without help except for the SW, had not heard of 26d. Lots of smart and tricky tricks, but challenging and achievable. Although I didn`t solve one is 20d COTD. I must confess that I looked for the unknown answers in the Thursday newspaper delivered at my tea time early in the morning. I also missed the quick pun, and I also got it from the Thursday newspaper. Thanks to the setter for a very nice puzzle and to 2 Kiwis for the tips I will now enjoy reading. 10a A man employed by a newspaper company (7) ADAMANT: “A” of the note and the newspaper that publishes this crossword puzzle contain the other “A” of the note and a cap. 17d . Remove fresh ideas from production and harden (3.5) SET ASIDE: Harden as a jelly might, then a (fresh) anagram of IDEAS. We found a few tricky parts in this one, so we gave it 3 stars for difficulty.

*From time to time I see the mention of a newsletter. Please could someone tell me how to subscribe? I thought the ***/* was a bit difficult. I thought 6d was just a suffering from the flight, so it didn`t quite fit the clue. I also thought that 21a, while obvious, didn`t quite match the index either. I didn`t really enjoy this one, but definitely thanks to the setter for his efforts. 3d Post Office with new tropical fruit item (8) PIMIENTO: The two-letter abbreviation for Post Office contains a (new) anagram of ITEM IN. Ready, but no fun at all, just a series of very bad clues – 11a, 24a, 6d, 8d and 20d. Overall, not difficult, but qualitatively poor puzzle. Thx for indices. /* I didn`t find this pleasant offer as tricky as our reviews, because after a slow start, everything went well. My ticks went to 9&24a plus 7d (nice word) with the first place to the smart and smooth 20d. 2/4 * Thanks to the setter and 2K for the fun in the sun.

In the quick pun, the second word is notFOOL because I don`t know how FULL IDIOT could be? 5d women provide weapons and cordiality (4) HOT: W(omen) and then a word that means to deliver weapons. Only one day I went to Tesco Local. New young man behind till said invalid and came back. I argued and sent a manager. He came and it worked. No explanation was given. Only one other time I had a problem was with Tesco and my fault. I had snatched a voucher for a future appointment! You can use any date in small stores that don`t scan the barcode! Is anyone having problems with subscription vouchers for printed paper? Tesco does not accept a voucher that appears at checkout. Everywhere in a stable time ***/****. I also thought we had a pangram, but there is no Z or X.

My last entry was 7d, I could see the food, but just not the word until a small light came on. Unlike my fridge/freezer which has a light but the rest is warm. (Flooded kitchen floor.) You need to subscribe to the Telegraph online AND telegraph puzzles. I believe that if you only have the app, you cannot receive the puzzle newsletter. 3*/4.5*. Another nice puzzle that was quite tricky in pieces, especially in the SW corner. I suspected there might be a pangram on the cards, but the X&Z didn`t show up for the service. Steve – I subscribe to the Telegraph Online and Telegraph Puzzles. 16a Musical performances by people who regularly speak publicly about Nixon (9) ORATORIOS: A word for public speakers surrounds Nixon`s second and fourth letters.

In fact, I enjoyed it a lot – a bit difficult in places, but I managed to find the right wavelength of our setter and finish in a reasonable time. A big thank you to the 2Kiwis for the blog `n hints, and of course to our setter (Jay?) for another challenging puzzle. To your health! Thanks to the setter (Jay?) and of course to the 2Ks 9a Vulgar party game (8) BASEBALL: Vulgar or low, and then a party that could dance elegantly. 13a Smoking, mainly with a man from the north who gets married for the family room (6,4) SALON: Remove the last letter (most of the time) from smoking or very angry, then N (orthern) and finally a man who gets married. The answer is a physical consequence, so I agree with the answer and the pun. I suffered from it after my two trips to the United States. The first time, I attributed the effects to three weeks of excessive alcohol consumption during a rugby tour. The second time, I realized what it was.

The most terrible feeling that lasted for several weeks. The result is that I will never make long trips again. Certainly not to America. 15a Legal document The comedian must be right (4) WRIT: A comedian or comedian contains R(ight). 19d Sour look in one day for transfer (7) OFFLOAD: Sour, since milk could be stored for too long, then a double-digit word to look at, followed by “A” from the note and D (ay). Excellent crossword puzzle, with knowledge of Scottish witchcraft not required. If I don`t miss something, I tend to share your feelings about 6d. 25a Slash price of sensitive material to accept? (8) LACERATE: A delicate material that we associate with Brussels and then fix or calculate. Do you agree, you only suffer from the response of long-haul flights, never by car?? Hard, hard, hard or maybe not on the right wavelength. Anyway, the usual Wednesday for me. I think my phone just crashed again on the Internet, it flashed eyes. The favorite was 10a.

Thanks to the setter and the 2K. Yes, I had to restart my phone before it allowed me to post (this page could not be reached). This is often done on this website. It could be my phone, of course. My last flight back from the U.S. was accompanied by more than two hours of severe turbulence, so the staff stopped serving food and had to buckle up. I didn`t sleep all night and I suffered from 6 days and I was also a little traumatized. 24a Downtown Walk (4.2) BEAT IT: A tour a police officer could do, plus the two central letters of the city. .